Crestview Elementary


Welcome to Crestview Elementary! 

Please click on the above tabs or scroll down for information regarding your child's school day.  We are glad your child is a part of Crestview Elementary!
September 28th
4th Grade Ag Day
September 30th
LIFT - Kindergarten - 1:00-1:45 
October 3rd - 6th
October 3rd
Book fair open 7:45-4:00 
Munchies for Moms
Come munch and shop the book fair!
October 4th
Book fair open 7:45-7:00 
PTA Family Art Night @6:00
October 5th
Book fair open 7:45-4:00 
Lunch With a Loved One
Come and eat lunch with your student
and shop the book fair!
October 6th
Book fair open 7:45-4:00
Today is the last day of the book fair! 
October 7th 
School dismissed at 12:00! 
October 14th
3rd Grade LIFT 2:00-2:45 
October 17th - 21st
Snak Pak Capri Sun Drive
Let's stack us lots of boxes of Capri Suns!
October 21st
4th Grade LIFT 2:00-2:45 
In order to enhance safety across the District, all Canyon ISD campuses will be implementing an electronically controlled system of access, which will impact how visitors will enter the buildings when school begins this year.  
 Although the main entrance to each campus will be locked during school hours, visitors are welcome to enter our building by accessing the intercom system inside the main entrance.  Signs will be posted with directions for contacting the office.
 Our goal is to provide a safe environment for the students of Canyon ISD.  Thank you for your support of our safety efforts as we implement the new electronic access system.  



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