Girls Wrestling Schedule






 Oct 4 Parent Meeting  Randall East Cafe
Nov 8


Amarillo High 4:00pm   
Nov 10 Silver and Black Randall 7:00pm  
Nov 12 Dumas Takedown (JVG) Dumas, TX

Nov 15 AHS Scrimmage Randall

Nov 17-19 Montwood  El Paso, TX TBA  
Nov 21-23 Practice Randall 10:00am  
Nov 25-26 Practice Randall 10:00am  
Dec 2 Wayland Duels Plainview, TX TBA  
Dec 8-10 Frisco Frisco, TX 4:00pm  
Dec 19-21 Practice Randall 10:00am  
Dec 27-31 Practice Randall 10:00am  
Jan 7 Pampa Pin Pampa, TX TBA  
Jan 12-14  State Duels Houston, T  TBA
vs. Katy Mayde W 40-6 
vs. Houston Jersey Village W 51-6
vs. Timber Creek  W 44-12 
vs. Cy Ranch W 33-22 
vs. Weatherford L 15-42 
Jan 21 Red River Classic Vernon, TX  
Jan 28 PD Duel Tournament Palo Duro TBA  
 Feb 2 Dumas/AHS/Monterey Randall 4:00pm  
  Feb 4  TRI - BR/THS Tascosa 9:00am  
Feb 11  Districts  Randall  TBA   
Feb 15-18  Regionals  El Paso, TX  TBA   
Feb 22-25  State Championships  Houston Berry Arena  TBA   
The palaestra (pəˈlestrə/Greek: παλαίστρα) was the ancient Greek
wrestling school. The events that did not require a lot of
space, such as boxing and wrestling, were practiced there. Thepalaestra functioned both independently and as a part of public 
gymnasia; a palaestra could exist without a gymnasium, but no
gymnasium could exist without a palaestra.

Palaestra is where we practice!