Reality CHECK

Canyon Independent School District provides human sexuality instruction in grades 5, 6, 7, and high school health through the Reality CHECK program.  The district School Health and Advisory Council (SHAC) recommends course curriculum and instructors to the school board of trustees for approval. 

Instructors present lessons to 5th, 6th, and 7th graders in same-gender groups.  Co-educational high school health classes are used as the forum for high school instruction.  Abstinence from sexual activity is presented as the preferred choice of behavior in relationship to sexual activity for adolescents both physically and emotionally.  Other topics are presented in age-appropriate grade levels and include the following: 

·        Puberty and Changes during Adolescence

·        Male and Female Anatomy and Reproduction

·        Communicating with Parents

·        Peer Pressure and Refusal Skills

·        Personal Value and Self-Esteem

·        Sexually Transmitted Diseases

·        Sexual Messages: What They Are and Where They Come From

·        Sex, Contraception, and Abstinence

·        Sex, Teen Pregnancy, and Consequences

·        Legal Implications of Sexual Activity

·        Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol

·        Decision-Making Skills

Parents will receive permission forms before Reality CHECK instruction.  The form must be signed and returned to school in order for a student to participate in the lesson(s).  Curriculum can be reviewed at each campus upon request.  If a parent chooses for his/her child not to participate, the student will not be subject to any type of penalty or sanction.