Attached is a website from TEA for TAKS practice, just in case I have parents that want to know what they might do over the summer.  It has practice for any grade level and subject.  It is interactive with modules to teach the concept and then the kids can practice.  It is really pretty good!!

Math Playground

Your child will LOVE this Math site!

Practice Math Facts

The link below takes you to a free web site that allows a student to practice math facts.

Multiplication Practice

Race to learn your facts!

Math Game

Need extra Math practice?  Try these games.

Math Game (Multiplication)

Here are Math games you can select for your level!

Study Island

A great place to find helpful Math and Reading TAKS objective questions.  Your child can do lessons or play games at this site.  Remember your teacher can look to see how you are doing on these objectives.

Multiplication Games

Here are a lot of great multiplication practice games to help your child learn the multiplication facts in a fun manner.


Games for extra practice

Texas Education Agency

This website has released TAKS tests as well as other useful information you may wish to know.  If you want to look at released tests, go to "assessments", released, 3rd grade.

Virtual Math Manipulatives

This website is for all levels and has wonderful math resources for all sorts of math skills.  Please go to it often for extra practice and review. 

Rainforest Math Site

Here's another math site.


Symmetry is fun!

Cool Math 4 Kids

Let your child practice skills here.