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         Eduphoria Professional Development Online Management Program
    Eduphoria is an online site that facilitates professional development registration, individual staff professional development portfolios, printing of workshop certificates, PDAS evaluations, district-wide surveys, and more.
    Staff will use their regular CISD login and password to access the Eduphoria staff development registration site.

    Registration Directions:
    1. Once logged into Eduphoria, click on the "Workshop" icon. You can access more specific written directions and a step-by-step video clip on registration by clicking on Help/Workshop/Workshop for Teachers/Registering for Courses, or you can follow the directions below.
    2. Professional development opportunities may be viewed in a variety of ways.
    A. Click on the "View Up and Coming Courses" icon to see what is available by date.
    B. Click on the "View Courses by Month" icon.
    C. Click on any of the category icons to view course offerings by subject.
    3. Click on the course title to read the details, instructor, dates, times, location, and possible credit types (such as GT) available for the particular session.
    4. To register for the specific session, click on the "Register" icon above the course title.
    . After registering for a course, a message will be added on the Eduphoria screen in a pale yellow textbox that reads, "You are enrolled in this course. To unenroll, click the Unregistration button above."
    7. You will receive a CISD e-mail stating that you have been enrolled. Please print the message for your records.
    8. If you need to unregister from a class, go through this same process, but click on the "Unregister" icon instead of the register icon. You will receive an e-mail message stating you have been removed from the class roster.
    9. A list of all the sessions you are registered for will appear at the top of your Eduphoria screen. They will remain there so you"ll have a reminder of what you are registered to attend.
    10. Directions on utilizing the portfolio section of Eduphoria will be shared at a later time.
    Directions for Completing Professional Development Surveys and Printing Certificates:
    Participants must complete a survey for every session attended. Participants will not be able to print a certificate or receive credit for attending a session until a survey is completed. Surveys will be available as soon as the scheduled professional development session is officially ended. It will not be available earlier.
    1. From the CISD homepage, click on “Employee Information” and “Staff Development Registration.”
    2. Click on the link for either school access or home access.
    3. Enter your regular CISD login and password.
    4. Click on Workshop.
    5. Click on My Portfolio.
    6. Click on the session title that needs the survey completed.
    7. Click on the tab across the middle of the screen for “Survey.”
    8. Answer the survey questions. Type in additional comments if desired.
    9. Click on “Submit Survey.”
    10. Click on the “Reports” icon right above the title of the workshop. It has a small drop down arrow beside the word “Reports.”
    11. From the drop down menu, click on “Create Certificate.” Click on “Open” to open the certificate file. From the Adobe Acrobat window, click on “File” then Print. Choose the desired printer and print the certificate.
Last Modified on August 16, 2016