Canyon ISD

A History of Excellence - A Tradition of Caring

Canyon ISD Instructional Technology Vision

Canyon ISD will create a rich learning environment which prepares all students for the 21st century by emphasizing:

      Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
      Creativity and Innovation

Belief Statements

·         We believe every student must have a technology device in hand.

·         We believe students must have access to broadband.

·         We believe students must have access to digital content.

·         We believe students and teachers must have online learning communities to collaborate, communicate, and improve teaching and learning.
·         We believe teachers must feel supported through ongoing professional development.

Students with technology     LV student

First Steps - iPad Pilot
1.  iPad purchases provide students with a device.
     * 300 iPads, keyboards, and cases
     * Purchased with Federal ARRA Stimulus Grant funds
     * Funds had to be spent between 2009 - 2011 and could not be rolled forward to the following year
* Funds could not be used for other purposes such as salaries
2.  Wireless access points help provide student access to broadband.
     * Wifi access points installed in all libraries and all special education classrooms
     * Helps build capacity for additional access points in the future
3.  iPads provide students access to digital content through the Internet and purchased iPad apps.
4.  iPads allow students and teachers access to numerous online learning communities.
     * Project Share
     * Texas Virtual School Network
     * Online textbooks
5.  Professional development was provided by the Debbie Boyer, Justin Richardson, Alicia Bice, and the Texas Computer Educator's Association.
     * Management of iPads by librarians
     * All special education teachers and librarians
     * Future professional development planned

Second Steps - Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) Pilot

1.  BYOT will help provide every student with a handheld device.
     * Three CISD campuses are participating in the BYOT pilot - Canyon High, Randall High, and Hillside Elementary.
     * With parent permission, students are bringing smart phones, iPads, iPods, and/or laptops to use for learning.
2.  Campus principals purchased WiFi access points for the pilot classrooms and libraries.

3.  BYOT provides students access to digital content through the Internet and possible apps.

4.  BYOT allows students to access online learning.
     * Dual credit courses
     * Texas Virtual School Network
     * Project Share

5.  Professional development
     *  Through a Project Share online course, pilot teachers helped create the BYOT documents, parent letter, and action plan for teaching cyberbullying an online safety.
     *  Pilot teachers participated in TCEA led professional development on BYOT.
     *  Ongoing professional development will be embedded throughout the project.



Last Modified on September 11, 2014