•  How-To Videos
    These videos are created to help teachers with a variety of technology programs.  You can stop, replay, or fast forward the videos to review the specific needed steps.  Windows Media Player must be loaded on your computer to play the videos.  Be sure and turn the volume up on your computer before starting the video.


    iPad Procedures and Management Video 
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    The following "iPad Procedures" video is required of all staff.  After watching and listening to the video, please complete the Statement of Understanding within Eduphoria.  If the video will not open, you may need a video player on your computer.  Contact your TSA for troubleshooting.

    Please choose the correct grade level video.

    iPad How-To Videos 
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    The following videos share iPad basics and tips. 
    iPad Basics Video - 14 min    
    (.WMV file opens on PC)
     iPad Basics Video - 14 min     
    (.MOV file opens on iPad and Mac) 
    Safari on the iPad  - 8 min
    (.WMV file opens on PC)
    Safari on the iPad - 8 min
    (.MOV file opens on iPad and Mac)


    Created by Dawn Parker & Tricia Sheffield
    THEbenefitsHub How-To Video (.wmv file opens in Windows Media Player)
    After watching the video, please return to Eduphoria to complete the e-Course.

     SMART Board How-To Videos 

    Watch these short step-by-step video clips to learn how to utilize the SMART board tools to create interactive and engaging lessons.  These video clips are created by CISD personnel.


    Project Share / Epsilen How-To Video 
    Created by Debbie Boyer   
    These short video clips will help teachers as they work within the Epsilen online system which is a part of Project Share.
    Learn how-to login and access the different features of the "MyPortal" portion of Epsilen. 
    Learn how-to set up the"My ePortfolio" section within the Epsilen system.  This will be the area that other teachers in CISD and the Epsilen system will be able to view.  Please upload a picture, set your teaching interests, and choose your theme or background colors. Setting up teaching interest will allow educators across the state to network.  
    Directions for uploading a picture to the "My ePortfolio" area will be demonstrated in this video.  Teacher pictures help as PLCs meet across the district or as teachers participate in online professional development. 

    Changing Passwords & Color Themes

    Learn how to change your Project Share password and set your color themes for the My Portal and ePortfolio areas.
    Within MyPortal, there is an area to collaborate with a group of teachers or adminstrators.  This video segment shows how-to access the group area and work with others in the group using the group tools.  

    Discover how to use many of the instructional tools within Project Share courses including:  announcements, members, syllabus, resources, drop boxes, and course mail. 

    Content Repository
    Learn to use the online databases available in Project Share including New York Times, Texas PBS, CSIS Seven Revolutions, Flat World, NASA and more.
    Within groups or courses, there is a digital drop box tool which allows group members or course members to upload and share files.  These files can be accessed by group members anywhere they have Internet access.   Engaging Exceptional Learner participants will upload at least three files per campus per grade level and/or subject area of differentiated student products.  These student products can be a picture of the product, a scanned file on the copier, or an actual digital file such as Word, PPT, Excel, Notebook, video, etc.   This video was created in the older version of Project Share; however, the steps will still be the same.
    Wikis are a quick way for a group or class to create a common document that everyone can edit, add to, change, and create.  Wikis are found within groups or courses.  Only one person can edit the wiki at a time.  It is a great way to compile a list of Websites, resources, thoughts, and more.  A history is created of who has edited the document.  Learn to create a wiki and edit it.  This video was created in the older version of Project Share; however, the steps will still be the same.
    If you exit a Wiki without saving the changes, it will create a draft of the Wiki that only you can see.  You will need to delete the Wiki DRAFT before you can edit the real Wiki document. This video was created in the older version of Project Share; however, the steps will still be the same.
    Creating Lessons
    in Courses
    Learn how to create lessons within Project Share to organize and present your instruction.  Add Web links and documents to the course content.  This was created in the older version of Project Share, so it might look slightly different but the steps are the same.

    OSHA GHS  

    This 21 minute video will give important safety guidelines for hazardous chemicals. Please click on the following link to access the video for the required OSHA training.
    Created by Debbie Boyer   
    This is a short video on how to download and convert YouTube video at home and bring it to school to use to support curriculum TEKS, CSCOPE curriculum, and classroom instruction.
    SchoolWires How-To Video 

    School Wires Login, Page Set-up, and Editing Current Pages
    Created by Debbie Boyer   
    This is a short video on how to sign-in to SchoolWires, set-up a teacher home page, and edit the teacher pages.  ,

    Adding, Editing, Deleting, and Ordering Teacher Pages in SchoolWires
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Learn to add a new Webpage by using the Flex Page template.  Also learn to edit current pages, delete unwanted pages, and change the order of your pages. 

    Adding Links to Files and Webpages in SchoolWires
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Learn to link to a Word document, PowerPoint, PDF, SMART Notebook file, videos, etc.  Also learn to add a link to other Webpages.

    You can stop the video, replay parts, fast forward to find the help you need in updating teacher pages.  You must have Windows Media Player loaded on your computer to play the video.  Be sure and turn the volume up on your computer before starting the video.

    Any Video Converter 
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Learn to convert video files to different formats including .wmv, .mp4, .avi, and more.  It is a very easy program to use and navigate.  Teachers will need to ask the campus TA to help with the free download.  At home, the program can be downloaded for free.  There is a Pro version that cost money.

    Twitter Account  
    These short videos show how to set up and manage a Twitter account to be used to communicate with students and parents.  It takes 24-hours after setting up an account for it to show up in the search features. 
    Fast Follow:  Anyone in the U.S. can receive Tweets on their phone even if they have not signed up for a Twitter account. This is a simple way for people to get information they care about in real-time. For example, let’s say you want to get Tweets from Canyon ISD. Just send a text to 40404 with the message:  follow CanyonISD  You will receive a text immediately saying: "You're now following @CanyonISD." Parents, students, staff, community members can follow a Twitter account without having to set up a Twitter account of their own. To stop receiving texts, send OFF @CanyonISD to 40404.
    Who to Follow on Twitter:  http://cybraryman.com/plnstars.html
    Educational Twitter Hashtags: 
    Debbie's Twitter Name:  debbieboyer5  (Follow me!)
    Canyon ISD''s Twitter Account:  canyonisd

    iTunes U
    iTunes U How-to
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Learn how to access a variety of videos and resources within iTunes U which will support TEKS, CSCOPE, and instruction.  iTunes must be downloaded to the computer. 

    QR Code Generators 
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Discover how to create and use QR codes.
    QR Stuff:  http://www.qrstuff.com/
    QR Kaywa:  http://qrcode.kaywa.com/

    QR Code Reader Apps:  NeoReader, Barcode Scanner by Zxing, QR Scanner

    Disovery Education/United Streaming Video
    USV How-to Create an Account
    USV Using United Streaming
    Created by Anita Adair
    Learn how to login and utilize the USV program to show quality curriculum-related videos.

    Created by Kathleen Herring and Chris Norton
    The CISD curriculum department has 10 GPS available for checkout.  The following videos will help teachers and students learn to use the Explorist 210 GPS.

    Created by Debbie Boyer

    Created by Debbie Boyer
    Learn how to search the Region 16 Website to find your professional development records of sessions taken at Region 16. 

    Dyslexia Training 
    Part 1 of the Dyslexia Training Video
    Part 2 of the Dyslexia Training Video
    Created by Brooke Helling

    Please watch Part 1 then Part 2 of the dyslexia training videos.

    Texas STaR Chart NCLB for Principals
    Texas STaR Chart NCLB for Principals
    Created by Debbie Boyer
    This how-to video is for principals as they fill in the NCLB spring portion of the Texas STaR Chart.
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