The Dual Credit Program is a partnership between a high school and Amarillo College through which a student is awarded both college and high school credit in courses which meet the requirements of both institutions. Dual Credit courses are counted in a student's GPA; they do not receive weighted points.
    To enroll in Dual Credit a student must:
      • Comply with Texas Success Initiative testing requirements
        • TAKS ELA 2200 scale score with a written composition subscore of 3
        • TAKS Math 2200 scale score
        • ACT: English 19 with a composite score of 23
        • ACT Math 19 with a composite score of 23
        • SAT Critical Reading 500 with a composite score of 1070
        • SAT Math 500 with a composite score of 1070
          • If a student is not exempt due to these testing requirements, the Accuplacer or THEA test must be taken prior to registration.  Contact AC Testing Services or your high school counselor for more information.
      • Be classified as a junior or senior and have a B overall average. 
      • Meet established entrance requirements at AC as well as appropriate prerequisites for any course
      • Complete the Dual Credit Application Form  receiving all appropriate signatures.
      • Turn in Dual Credit Student Contract form to appropriate person at high school campus
      • Register for course(s) online at http://my.actx.edu
      • Pay the cost associated with taking a college course(s) as established by contractual agreement
      • Purchase textbooks and materials for dual credit course
    Amarillo College is responsible for maintaining the college transcript.  The high school is responsible for maintaining the high school transcript.  Since Dual Credit courses are college courses, they will be transcripted as such.  Each Dual Credit student will establish a college transcript.
    Dual Credit students wishing to drop a class must complete the Amarillo College paperwork.  Students who do not officially drop; but, stop attending or only drop the high school course will be treated as if they are still enrolled.  This usually results in failure of the class.  If you have concerns, plaese talk to your high school counselor or call the AC Registrar's office at 371-5030.
    Students may receive different grades for a dual credit class: a high school grade and a college grade.  This is because high school teachers may supplement material and assignments in courses.  This could result in a different grade for the high school and college class.  Students need to check syllabi and/or ask their instructor about the grading policy for the class.
    Humanities (HUMA 1301, 1302)
    Business Computer Programming (COSC 1415, 2430)
    Pre-Calculus Pre-AP (MATH 1314)
    US History (HIST1301,1302)
    Chemistry (CHEM 1311)
    Computer Maintenance (CPMY 1305)
    English IV (ENGL1301, 1302)
    Calculus AP (MATH 1316)
    Biology (Biology 1406/1407 or Biology 1308/1309 or Biology 1108/1109)
    Government (GOVT 2305)
    Economics (ECON 2301)
    BCIS II (BCIS 1405, 1302)
    Health Science Technology 3
    American Sign Language
    CISD and WTAMU partner in the Pre-University Preogram (PUP.)  High school juniors or seniors who meet the eligibility requirements, may enroll in approved courses for college and high school credit even if CISD does not offer the course, as long as it is an approved course.  PUP and other courses taught on a college campus do not receive weighted points and the grades do not count in the GPA.
    The purpose of the PUP program is to provide excellent university-based high education academic experiences for high school students who intend to enroll in a university following high school graduation.
    High school juniors or seniors are eligible to participate.  They also must  ...
      • demonstrate significant dedication to their studies and the intention to enroll in university courses following their high school graduation.
      • have taken the ACT, SAT1, PSAT, or ACT Plan and score a minimum of 20 composite on PLAN and ACT or a 950 composite on the SAT1or a 50 onthe PSAT or be in the top half of their high school class.
      • satisfy Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements (as listed in the dual credit section above)
    Students enrolled in the PUP Program...
      • will attend regular University classes on the WTAMU campus with other college students and taught by regular university faculty
      • will not be distinguished separately from other college students in the classroom
      • will be challenged to complete regular college coursework
      • are expected to follow high school and University rules and regulations
      • are limited to two WTAMU courses each fall, spring, or summer semester
      • receive academic advising for course registration at the WTAMU Student Advising, Registration, and REtention (STARR) Center
      • must provide to WTAMU, upon high school graudation, a final high school transcript showing rank-in-class and graduation date
    APPLICATION and FEE INFORMATION is being updated.
Last Modified on June 25, 2008