Career and Technology Academy

Culinary arts student serving board

Culinary Arts

  • Includes a brand new commercial kitchen and instruction area
  • Students learn the fundamentals and principles of cooking and baking
  • Students are exposed to management production skills and techniques
  • Students have the opportunity to earn ServSafe Management certification
  • Students in advanced culinary arts receive in-depth instruction of industry-driven standards to prepare for success in higher education or immediate industry employment


  • The objective of the CISD Construction Academy is to provide students a general knowledge and skill set related to construction fields
  • Students receive OSHA general industry certification and carpentry certification
  • Exposure to skills in electrical and plumbing trades
  • Professional mentors to assist in skill development
  • Partnering with local individuals and businesses will also be pursued to establish sponsorships, internships, and secondary education scholarships

1st Year Cosmetology


  • State of the art center
  • 2-year program
  • Students integrate academic career and technical knowledge in a laboratory instructional course
  • The cosmetology course is designed to provide job specific training or employment
  • Instruction includes sterilization and sanitization procedures for hair cair, nail care, and skincare
  • Cosmetology 2 students are given the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency to achieve the department of licensing and regulation requirements for passing the state exam

Health Science Classroom

Health Science

  • Provides an overview of the therapeutic, diagnostic, health informatics, support services and biotechnology research
  • Students can take courses in medical terminology and anatomy & physiology
  • Students also receive the opportunity to participate in clinical experiences
  • Interested students can also obtain emergency medical technician (EMT) and certificate nurses aid (CNA)