Enrollment/Withdrawal Procedures

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Enrollment Procedures:

Complete online registration by going to www.canyonisd.net and click enrollment. Follow the steps for either Returning or New Student.

If student has attended CISD in the past but is no longer an active student, please contact the campus 1st, and have your student activated so the Returning Student online forms will be available to you.

Once online registration has been completed, please provide the enrolling campus a current proof of residence, driver’s license and immunization record. 

Withdrawal Procedures:

To withdraw a student from Canyon ISD, contact the enrolling campus and provide a date for un-enrollment along with the new school district your student will enroll with. The campus will have a parent/guardian sign appropriate withdrawal paperwork. Once the student has enrolled with the new school district, they will send Canyon ISD a records request that will be filled by the campus your student withdrew from.