Superintendent Scholars

Canyon ISD proudly recognizes outstanding achievement in rigorous academic courses for students attending Canyon and Randall high schools through the Superintendent Scholars program.


To qualify as a Superintendent Scholar a student must:

  • Have a GPA of 95.00 or better (94.99 will not qualify) cumulative GPA.
  • The District shall include in the calculation of Superintendent Scholar grades earned in all high school credit courses taken in the fall or spring semester, unless they are excluded below.
  • The calculation of Superintendent Scholar shall exclude grades earned in or by physical education; athletics; cheerleading; drill team; band, including stage band; music theory; choir, including show choir; a local credit course; credit by examination, with or without prior instruction; student leadership; theater production; driver education; credits earned off campus for classes such as Access or TexPrep courses; courses for which credit was earned in a non-accredited school, including a homeschool; self-paced computer-based courses such as NovaNet or Grad Point; credit recovery or acceleration courses; and summer school. In addition, the Superintendent Scholar calculation shall exclude grades earned through distance learning and dual credit cousres taken anywhere other than the District high schools.
  • Part-time students will not be considered for Superintendent Scholar.


Superintendent Scholars who are in the top 10 at the end of the 5th sixth weeks of the current school year will be recognized at an event in May. The ceremony will include a dinner held for the honorees and their parents hosted by the Superintendent with the Board of Trustees as invited guests. Those students who qualify for superintendent scholar but are not in the top 10 will receive their award on their home campuses.


  • Freshmen – Customized Pins
  • Sophomore – Medallion
  • Junior – Patch
  • Senior – Cord


Superintendent Top 10

2018 Top Ten Canyon High

  • Canyon High Senior Top Ten 2018
  • Canyon High Junior Top Ten 2018
  • Canyon High Sophomore Top Ten 2018
  • Canyon High Freshman Top Ten 2018

2018 Top Ten Randall High

  • RHS_seniors_2018
  • RHS_juniors_2018
  • RHS_sophomores_2018
  • RHS_freshmen_2018

2017 Top Ten Canyon High

  • Canyon High Senior Top Ten 2017
  • Canyon High Junior Top Ten 2017
  • Canyon High Sophomore Top Ten 2017
  • Canyon High Freshmen Top Ten 2017

2017 Top Ten Randall High


2016 Top Ten Canyon High

  • Freshman Class - Top 10
  • Sophmore Class - Top 10
  • Senior Class - Top 10
  • Junior Class - Top 10

2016 Top Ten Randall High

  • Senior Class - Top Ten
  • Junior Class - Top Ten
  • Sophmore Class - Top Ten
  • Freshman Class - Top Ten