2020 Tax Statements

  • 2020 W-2 Form Box 14 explanation
  • Notify HR if you need to change your address, to ensure your 2021 Tax Statement(s) will be mailed to a valid/current address.
  • 2020 W-2s were mailed to the employee’s home address on 1/27/2021, and also posted online to Munis Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • 2020 1095s (ACA health offer/coverage) tax statement were mailed to employee’s home address on 3/2/21 and are available online via Munis Employee Self Service (ESS).
  • 2020 1095-C Form Explanation
  • For employees without the ability to access ESS, requests for a duplicate copy of 2020 Tax Statements will be honored after 2/28/2021 (to allow time for post office delivery). 

Federal Income Tax Withholding

  • Do you need to change your Federal Income Tax Withholding?
  • IRS changed the format of the 2020 W-4 Form, effective 1/01/2020. (See this memo.)
  • Need assistance, go to IRS Tax Withholding Estimator for Employees
  • Submit a paper W-4 Form 2021 to Payroll, or submit a request online via Employee Self Service (ESS). To ensure timely processing, submit at least five business days prior to your next Pay Date.

Munis Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Employee access to Pay/Tax Information to view/print:  YTD information, W-2s, 1095s, W-4, Paycheck Simulator, Direct Deposit.  See below for more information.

Forms / Important Information

(Information may change/online is most recent version)

CISD Work Calendar August 2021 to July 2022

CISD Work Calendar July 2021 to June 2022

CISD Work Calendar September 2021 to August 2022

Employment After TRS Retirement Limits FY 2022

TRS Surcharge may be due for Retiree Working More than One-Half Time

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Employee Self Service (ESS) – User Name – first letter of your first name, plus last name, all together

Password – FOR THE FIRST TIME – last four digits of your Social Security Number.  After this, it will ask you to select a new password (keep in mind that your new password must meet the requirements listed on the screen).  This will be your new password each time you log in after this initial time.  If you forget your User Name or Password, use the available help feature.  If you exceed the number of attempts, or lock yourself out, contact Technology.

How to access Munis ESS – external

How to access Munis ESS – internal

Direct Deposit Notification Email – Password – last four digits of your Social Security Number

Accruals for Biweekly Employees FY 2022

Accruals for Monthly Employees FY 2022

Pay Dates for Biweekly Employees FY 2022

Pay Dates for Monthly Paid Employees FY 2022

Rates TRS – Social Security – Medicare CY2021

Retirement – TRS Planning Steps

Retirement Checklist – Canyon ISD TRS

Taxable Wage Calculations CY 2021

TRS Important Information

W-4 Form 2021 (may also submit via ESS)

Payroll Contacts

  • Beth Wilson, Payroll Accountant – 806-677-2666
    • Biweekly payroll
      • hourly-paid auxiliary employees
      • contract coaches
      • Extra pay items for the above employees (Athletic Events, Region 16 Trainings)
      • hourly-paid tutors not employed in another capacity with CISD
    • TRS Reports (active TRS Retirees)
    • Verifications of Employment for all CISD employees                      
  • Mary E Neill (CPP), Payroll Specialist – 806-677-2653
    • Monthly payroll
      • Cafeteria Managers (non-exempt employees)
      • Paraprofessionals (non-exempt employees)
      • Professionals (exempt employees)
      • Substitute Teachers
      • Extra pay items for the above employees (Canyon Kids tutors, Homebound, Athletic Events, Coach Field Trips, Region 16 Trainings, Dual Credit Offerings-RHS/CHS for AC, substitute training pay:  CRASE, Nurses, Summer Camps, Summer School)
    • TRS Reports (active/inactive employees, except TRS Retirees)
    • TRS-7 (Notice of Final Deposit before Retirement and School Official Certification of Salaries)
    • TRS-22S (Verification of Substitute Service and Salary Form)


2020 Social Security Tax Withholding

On August 28, 2020, the IRS issued Notice 2020-65, allowing employers to temporarily defer withholding the employee’s portion of Social Security payroll taxes for pay periods starting Sept 1 through Dec 31, 2020, as directed by an Executive Order issued by President Donald Trump.  Unless Congress passes additional legislation forgiving the repayment of this tax deferral, employees would be required to repay the taxes by doubling the employee’s Social Security tax paycheck withholding to 12.4 percent during the first four months of 2021.

Canyon ISD has decided not to stop the withholding of Social Security taxes from employees’ pay at this time.  This decision was made due to the administrative challenges of implementing changes to our Munis payroll software on such short notice as well our concerns that this would potentially impose a financial burden on our employees during the first four months of 2021.In the event that Congress passes legislation forgiving the tax repayment or the Treasury Department issues guidance regarding the ability of employees to make individual choices regarding participation in this tax deferral, we will reassess this decision and employees will be promptly notified of changes. If you have any further questions, please contact Beth Wilson at 806-677-2666 or at