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School Health Personnel

Canyon High School

Paige Tucker, RN

Randall High School – West

Susan Brock, RN

Randall High School – East

Laurie Etheredge, LVN

Canyon Jr. High

Brandi Miller, RN

Westover Park Jr. High

Lesley Harris, RN

Greenways Intermediate

Janice Hughes, RN

Canyon Intermediate

Lizzy Stence, LVN

Pinnacle Intermediate

Mary Lee, LVN

Arden Road Elementary

Debra Sommerfeld, LVN

City View Elementary

Joanna Earle, LVN

Crestview Elementary

Michelle Jolly, LVN

Gene Howe Elementary

Amy Pena, LVN

Hillside Elementary

Janette Garza, LVN

Lakeview Elementary

Jennifer Lester, LVN

Reeves-Hinger Elementary

Jamie Lichtie, RN

Sundown Lane Elementary

Cari Beebe, LVN

Rotating within the District

Denise Apodaca, LVN
Shae Jordan, LVN

Canyon ISD employs full-time nurses at all of the campuses listed above.